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Wedding Anniversary in Maui

Aloha Omakase!
We celebrated 10 years of marriage with an incredible dinner at Morimoto in Maui’s Wailea.

It was thrilling to place our entree options in the hands of the chef.

So happy with the oyster foie gras.
Morimoto offered an epic eating adventure, showcasing fresh seafood, delicate flavors and elegant techniques.
Also, the sake pairing knocked our socks off.
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Grilling in Daly City

My guilty pleasure: Watching David Rocco’s Dolce Vita on the Cooking Network. I wish I could visit all those beautiful Italian wineries, markets and food spots. He makes life look sweet and easy in Florence.

Sometimes, his cutaway shots show the Duomo. It reminds me of my short weekend trip to Italy. It felt wonderful to take communion inside this epic cathedral.

His weekend in Chianti inspired me to try farro for risotto.
Farro Risotto Al Chianti

We also wanted to do some grilling yesterday. Farro Risotto Al Chianti paired nicely with these yummy rib-eye steaks.

Steak, herb butter and asparagus
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The Magic of Butter and Steaks

It was a beautiful day for grilling in the East Bay. My hubby fired up the grill after he got home from work. I spent my afternoon prepping the steaks and pasta.

On the plate: grilled steaks rubbed with chipotle powder, lime butter melting on top. Plus, pasta shells with chickpeas, mozzarella and arugula.

Poor dog hoped for some leftovers….or for us to screw-up. She’s always getting in the way. We suspect she’s trying to make us trip and drop food. Sneaking Daisy!
Hungry puppy!

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