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Up All Night

I couldn’t sleep on our first night in Cusco. Sure, I was excited about visiting Machu Picchu the next day.

But I think I had too many coca drinks.
Coca Tea @ Del Prado Inn
When we arrived in Cusco, I had a big headache. It felt like my head was floating away from my body. I think it was the beginning of altitude sickness.
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Girly Drinks

Cue the lounge cover of the Star Wars Cantina Song!

Bourdain may think the Tonga Room is San Francisco’s answer to the tiki bar.

He forgot about an amazing, hidden watering hole in Hayes Valley where rum fans and locals mingle with Zombies, Puka Punches and exotic cocktails in fancy glasses.

Girly Drink
I love visiting Smugglers Cove on my weekends.

Sometimes – we get to see a light show!

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