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Lobster Toast

Lobster toast amuse bouche at ‪Chez Panisse in Berkeley.
A delicious start to an elegant dining experience. I loved how every detail, from the delicate and flavorful dishes to the friendly service made all dinners feel so special, like my graduation dinner nearly two decades ago. It was lovely to return for another special dinner.
Also, happy anniversary Chez Panisse!

#kvpinmybelly Lobster toast amuse bouche at ‪@AliceWaters ‬ Chez Panisse in #Berkeley. A delicious start to an elegant dining experience. I loved how every detail, from the delicate and flavorful dishes to the friendly service made all dinners feel so spe

Deep Dish Battle: Little Star vs. Zachary’s

San Francisco’s Little Star edges out Zachary’s from Berkeley with 5-2 votes among Pickle Palace diners as the birthday girl finds herself unable to choose between the pies.

This was part of my 33rd birthday dinner with pizza and PJs. I wanted to set up a taste test between two Bay Area pizza giants: Little Star in San Francisco and Zachary’s in Berkeley. After comparing tasting notes with my friends, I hoped we would know which one had the best deep dish pizza.

As for the PJs, I wanted to dine in a comfy setting with my Bay Area friends. Leave the heels at home ladies! So, we nestled into our friend’s kitchen and dining room in the Mission and made some cocktails.

Deep Dish Battle: Little Star vs. Zachary's
The Little Star slice has cheese on top and the Zachary’s slice is topped with chunky tomato sauce.
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In My Belly for 2010

This time last year, I got a Fortunate You necklace from Tea Stain clothing in Sacramento. The fortune said: “You will step on the soil of many countries.”

A combination of wanderlust, luck and professional opportunity made that fortune come true in 2010.

I sampled fresh fish and explored new flavors in Russia as a guest lecturer for St. Petersburg State University.
Salmon fricassee

We celebrated my birthday with ceviche on the beach in Ensenada.
Ceviches de Camaron from Los Primos #fb

Finally, I left my Sacramento newsroom behind and became the Newark Patch editor. In this Alameda County city, I cover news, politics, crime and other issues that matter to Newark residents. Plus, I have a chance to profile all the amazing food spots in Newark.
Mexico Tortilla Factory

You can find rest of my album, “In My Tummy: 2010,” on Flickr.
What do you think? What should I try next?

In My Tummy | 2010

Breakfast in Berkeley

Check out my sweet perk following a late night in Palo Alto.

Breakfast in Berkeley
I helped out Decant Events with its wine tasting event at the Modernbook Gallery.

The next morning, the founder of Decant Events, Amrita, made french toast for breakfast. Yum!

Canadian Maple Syrup

She also introduced me to the sugary joys of REAL Canadian Maple Syrup. In comparison to its American counterpart, this syrup has a lighter color. It also doesn’t smack me in the face with sweetness. This is totally ideal for me since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Overall, the syrup paired nicely with the toast and fruit.

Looking Back

Happy New Year! I’ve hit up several foodie adventures in my kitchen and beyond. I need to get crackin’ on those kitchen blogs – baking bread and taking on chicken pot pie.

But first…2009 has been another epic year of eating, drinking and trying new flavors.

Bacon Explosion
In 2009 – we invested in some kick-ass cooking tools: better knives, an iron skillet and one beautiful grill. Our California weather allows us grill nearly all year round. We fired up the grill for our beer-can chicken on New Year’s Eve. For the virgin run on the grill, we made the bacon explosion. The aroma from 2-pounds of bacon, chorizo and Italian sausage smelled amazing from the grill.
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