Monthly Archives: June 2011

Decadent Dishes

It’s a blessing to live and work near my Bay Area friends. I prefer sharing a good meal with my girlfriends over chatting between racks of clothes and makeup counters. The best part – we always have an appetite for good food, diet be damned.
Pork Belly Donuts
Last week, I did an early happy hour/late lunch with Susan in the Mission. We sampled pork belly donuts at the Sycamore. They serve the donuts with Maker’s Mark maple sryup. The flavor combo works for me.
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Grab a Bite

I stumbled on some tasty meals that fit in my hands.

At the Old Clam House, I loved the crab-wich.

At the Tied House Brewery, I tried a yak burger for the first time. Ever. It barely fit in my hands. Also, the yak meat was quite flavorful.
Yak Burger

At Jen Jon, I had this combo banh mi. Inside what some people call a “hole-in-the-wall” in Union City, I was impressed with this hearty sandwich stuffed with pork, pate and headcheese.
Tasty banh mi from JenJon

At Sam’s Chowder House, I loved the lobster roll. It transformed this Half Moon Bay spot into a tourist trap after the Today show couldn’t stop raving about it. We managed to avoid the crowds and snagged a lovely spot in the bar with a view of the water. All that fresh lobster flavor stands out after the kitchen lightly tosses the lobster bits with butter and lemon. Yeah. I wanted seconds.
Famous Lobster Roll

Crispy, Fatty, Just Right

Don’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” on an empty stomach. It’s just cruel. Plus – you may end up scarfing down inferior food.

My mouth watered when I saw this special Hokkaido spot for yakitori. The crispy chicken skin and the pork belly look so good!

Susan and Tom introduced us to yakitori at Hana Zen in San Francisco. They used the original location for their wedding rehearsal dinner. One of the highlights of that meal was the peppers, mushrooms and chicken livers on the yakitori plate.
Yakitori at Hana Zen

We watched the Super Bowl at the Fishermen’s Wharf location with this beautiful view of the bay.
The view from Hana Zen

Deep Dish Battle: Little Star vs. Zachary’s

San Francisco’s Little Star edges out Zachary’s from Berkeley with 5-2 votes among Pickle Palace diners as the birthday girl finds herself unable to choose between the pies.

This was part of my 33rd birthday dinner with pizza and PJs. I wanted to set up a taste test between two Bay Area pizza giants: Little Star in San Francisco and Zachary’s in Berkeley. After comparing tasting notes with my friends, I hoped we would know which one had the best deep dish pizza.

As for the PJs, I wanted to dine in a comfy setting with my Bay Area friends. Leave the heels at home ladies! So, we nestled into our friend’s kitchen and dining room in the Mission and made some cocktails.

Deep Dish Battle: Little Star vs. Zachary's
The Little Star slice has cheese on top and the Zachary’s slice is topped with chunky tomato sauce.
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